Thursday, November 14, 2013

Almost With Wireless

I was able to get OpenSuse 12 to recognize that I had a wireless card, which is a huge step forward. I haven't been to technical with my descriptions up to this point, but I haven't accomplished much either, and it didn't seem worth it. This time around I found a nice little website on installing linux on your mac.

It pointed me to an OpenSuse wiki which gave me info on installing the Broadcom firmware or b43-fwcutter package. I used YaST to install it and then configured it via the command line following the instructions they gave. Obviously I had to utilize the sudo command to gain permissions to run the installation.

Run the script: /usr/sbin/install_bcm43xx_firmware.

This script installed the firmware and made my card recognizable by the OpenSuse Network Settings (which is located by launching YaST). From this point I've remained unsuccessful at connecting to my wireless router. I can see  wireless hot spots (all of them in the apartments/condos surrounding me) but there's no evidence of a connection taking place unless I laugh FireFox and try to load up a website. I'm pretty rusty with all the setup in this area (being a Mac and PC user can do that for you. Everything is so automagic these days).

I also attempted to install the DEV version of OpenSuse 13 but the graphical output was bad and the track pad didn't work. I can wait three more days for an actual released.

At this point I'm considering taking some of my knowledge of installing the b43-fwcutter package and giving it another show on Linux Mint. Gnome 3 is really great, but there are still a few things that keep getting to me. 

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