Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My MacBook's Current Identity Crisis

I closed the top of my MacBook this morning as I left for work so it would hibernate while I was away and reopened it when I returned. As I mentioned in my previous posts I'm more impressed with the way Ubuntu handles that feature than I am with Mint. However,  it would not correctly wake up from hibernation when I returned home in the evening. I was able to see my desktop wallpaper and the cursor moved, but nothing else appeared. I gave it some time to sit, hitting the enter/return key a few times, and finally did a hard reset. Everything came up just fine and I contemplated finally hard wiring it into my internet connection, running some updates and installing some drivers to see if that would smooth out the rougher edges. I didn't.

Right now I'm installing Linux Mint/Mate v15 on it as well as burning an ISO of OpenSuse 12.3 on my work machine. First impressions of the boot up Mint/Mate disc were good. The boot disc allows you to play with the OS from the DVD without an install. It's definitely more responsive than the Cinnamon version of Mint and I'm eager to see how it runs.

On a side note I need to get cracking at NaNoWriMo. I've fallen behind a bit and need at least 1800+ words a day to finish by November 30th. Once I'm in a "groove" I can write pretty steadily, but I'm a little stuck right now on developing a lost civilization of robotic beings, and this Linux install thing has been a nice distraction. Sometimes the best ideas fall into your brain when you're not thinking about them. I plan on using this blog to do a lot of writing, and have some project ideas already written down that I'll be exploring once November is over. I felt that documenting my experience with installing Linux would be fun, and a good start to this new version of mraf.com.

Stay tuned to see how my Mint/Mate install goes!

UPDATE: The install disc of Mate was actually properly putting my monitor to sleep. That's a good sign!

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