Monday, November 11, 2013

The Linux Mint Install

At this very moment a Linux Mint install disc is wiping my Macbook clean and preparing to install itself upon an unsuspecting hard drive. This is big for me, and it helps greatly that I have a work laptop to utilize while I get crazy with my main machine at home. The truth is I still don't feel a hundred percent about any of this, but the worst that can happen is  I decide I just am not ready for the switch to Linux and I go back to Mac OS 10.6.

I feel I should do my best to embrace this though. That I shouldn't be that guy who can't stand the differences and wimps out at the end. There is something to be said about the Open Source Community and the idea of being a part of that is pretty exciting to me. In the end, the issues I may have with Linux may not really be any worse than the issues I've had with Windows or OS X. My only real hurdle will be getting my laptop's wireless connection to function properly, and that may require me to hard wire in and download some drivers. No big deal.

The install has finished quickly! Perhaps my next post will be from my new Linux Mint system!

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