Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wireless No Go So On To OpenSuse

Linux Mint with Mate was really impressive (yes, I said "was" which means it's no longer on my MacBook). I hardwired it into my Time Capsule and it jumped right online and worked great. It's fast and easy to navigate and gave every impression that this would be the best distro for me to utilize.  All I needed to do was get the wireless connection working.

I ended up installing a recommended driver which pretty much broke Mint's networking software. The screen would go black and fill itself with processes it was trying to perform concerning my wireless card and then stall out. A hard reboot was needed to get the computer running again. On that note the restart wait time was nearly unbearable. Worse than Windows. A feature I'd have lived with if I could only get a wireless connection working properly.

All of that happened last night. Today after work, I came home and decided to pop in the OpenSuse install disc and give it a try as well. It was a better experience than I expected it to be. Install was simple, but it also did not install with any wireless functionality or even much in the way of determining a network connection. Almost as if the lack of a connection told the installer there wouldn't be one. I plan on plugging it in shortly and seeing if I can connect and get some kind of wireless functionality to it. Otherwise...

I will say that I think Gnome 3 is pretty fantastic. It's very intuitive and feels nice and modern, but yet not as cumbersome or clunky as Unity. The design is nice as well. I think I'd be very happy using OpenSuse as my main OS. It seems fast and potentially very stable (for Linux). A new version is out in about five days. I'm kind of excited to try it out now! First things first, though, lets see about getting this wireless connection running!

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