Sunday, December 1, 2013

Choice Chamomile

I'm settling down tonight with a nice strong cup of Chamomile packaged up by Choice Organic Teas. Choice has always been a favorite brand of mine for couple of different reasons. For one they're properly organic as well as Fair Trade Certified. This is important for someone like myself who tends to drink tea more than any other liquid known to man. The other reason is that when it comes to flavor, Choice never lets me down. It's always dependably delicious. Is it the best tea ever? No, but it's consistent and affordable, so I can brew whole pitchers of organic tea for the family without feeling it in the pocket book.

Their blend of bagged chamomile really soothes the mind and soul after a long December day. Not too sweet that you forget you're drinking tea, but just enough tannin to keep things balanced. I added some local honey and a squeeze of lemon in mine, and quite honestly, it tastes rather perfect.

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