Tuesday, December 3, 2013

HP Bluetooth Mouse X4000b With Linux Mint

HP Bluetooth Mouse X4000b
I'll get right to the point. The HP Bluetooth Mouse X4000b works under Linux Mint v16 (running Cinnamon). One of my biggest pet peeves is searching to see if a piece of hardware I'm looking at is compatible with my current OS. Seems like no one ever comes right out and tells you if something works properly or not. The answer is always buried deep in a forum somewhere, and surrounded by commands that need to be entered into a terminal, an extra repository to add, or a goat that needs sacrificing. If it takes all that work, than it doesn't work. The X4000b just worked, and the strangest part is that's what the guy at Best Buy said it would do.

Setup was easy. I went to "Setup new device" under the bluetooth applet located in the Cinnamon panel, and then pressed the pairing button on the bottom of the mouse. My MacBook and the mouse located each other and in literally less than twenty seconds it was working. The mouse retails for over $30, but in a lot of cases you can snag one for under 20. I found mine on sale for about $18. So if you need a perfectly functional and affordable bluetooth mouse for Linux Mint, then the X4000b is definitely a good choice.

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