Saturday, December 7, 2013

Rishi Tea's Earl Grey

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I first heard about Rishi Tea from an article on The article sheds a lot of light on what kinds of poisons are going into our teas without our direct knowledge. Rishi Tea came out on top as one of the best choices when buying organic teas. So last week I finally put in an order, and this week a little brown box filled with the most savory aromas arrived for me. Just slicing the tape off that box and opening its flaps was enough to tell me I had purchased something I would definitely enjoy. I love the smell of tea, and even have a habit of giving it a good sniff before I put it in my cup for infusion. Rishi does not disappoint. It's clear they understand the importance of the entire tea making experience. The Earl Grey is potent, but not at all overwhelming. It floods the nasal passages without the least bit of harshness, giving the taste buds a preview of what's to come. I love the smell of this tea. The bergamot is much more prevalent than other brands of Earl Grey I've encountered.

 Now I have to be honest here. I don't brew tea properly. I just don't have the time or equipment. So I use my coffee pot. I know that makes me a Tea Heathen, but to be honest it does a fair job at brewing. I'd say its only downside is that the water should probably be about 10-15% hotter than it actually is. I can't complain, though. I need my tea quickly and in large quantities. The coffee pot delivers without taking too much away from the quality of the product. In this case I used it merely to generate a quick pitcher of hot (purified) water to pour over my tea bag. I do on occasion purchase loose tea, but again I like to take my tea with me to work, I like convenience, so tea bags are okay by me. They're not as evil as they're made out to be by the High Council of Tea Snobbery. In fact, what is amazing about Rishi Tea is that they actually took the time to create a special knit for their tea bags. Wider openings in the netting offer up a better extraction process, and once you've tasted the brew, it's easy to believe they've definitely crafted a fine little filter of infusing goodness. You can even purchase the tea bags (or filters) separately if you so desire and use them to take your loose leaf along with you. These bags are some of the best in the industry both in functionality and in terms of health. You won't be tainting your drink with melted nylons when using Rishi Tea's bags.

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This earl grey adds a bit of density to your water and goes down smooth. It's robust, with the bitterness of the black tea tamed by the citrus bergamot flavoring. A second brew with the same bag will remain solid and worth while should you desire a second cup (and you will). This is most definitely the best bagged Earl Grey I have ever tasted. I added a splash of non-fat milk in one cup, and a squeeze of freshly cut lemon in another, proving that the blend could be influenced and still remain quite delicious.

A box of 15 bags will run you $7.99 (plus shipping and handling if you cannot find it locally). This is a pretty fair price for the quality of the tea. This blend of Earl Grey is certified organic and Fair Trade as well as kosher. It's the real deal and packaged quite nicely if I might add. The boxes are bit on the large side (and the tea tabs on the smaller size), but the design is very elegant and wouldn't look horrid sitting out on your counter top should you decide to leave it handy.

I'm looking forward to trying more Rishi Tea.

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