Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The HP X4000b Is Great For Toddlers!

A while back I wrote about my experiences with Linux Mint and the HP X4000b Bluetooth Mouse. As far as bluetooth devices go this one definitely isn't the worst ever, but quite possibly the most disappointing ever. The experience started out really well, with only the occasional drop in connection between the mouse and my Linux Minted Macbook. However, has time passed it became more and more painful to use as the device would simply cease to operate regardless of whether it registered as paired with my laptop or not. I blamed batteries, I blamed Linux, and I even speculated that maybe I kid had gotten a hold and dropped it a good too many times. Turns out it was none of the above.

Windows 8.1 came with my new Lenovo. I had a good feeling about my X4000b and this system. New OS, new hardware, surely it would work. It was worse. From my own limited experience I can only say that Linux has better bluetooth support than Windows, and my mouse? Well I replaced it with a wireless Logitech that uses a USB dongle for it's connection instead of bluetooth. My HP X4000b on the other hand, has become a wonderful little decoy for my 17-month-old to steal when he's after a piece of my technology.

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