Monday, March 9, 2015

A Printer For Mint

Linux Mint still runs like a champ on my Lenovo u530, and although I've not written about it in some time, I recently purchased a printer/scanner and thought I'd share how easy it was to setup in Mint 17.1 (Rebecca). The HP-Envy 5530 is the first inkjet printer I've had in almost 4 years. I personally am not a fan of printers, and would like to see them dwindle into extinction as society adapts to more and more touch screen devices. That's a different blog post though.

Literally, all I did was go to the "Printers" application under the Administration option of the main menu and Mint detected the printer on my wireless network all on it's own. It then proceeded to update my drivers a tiny bit and the printer was spitting out a neat little test page. Obviously, the HP had it's own setup first, but it was quick and easy and utilized a page from their website. After printer testing I ran a successful scan using X-Sane. I was quite impressed at how easy it all was. See screenshot:

So if you're running Mint and looking for a good printer scanner I can at least let you know I had no issues getting Mint to play nicely with the HP Envy 5530. As for the printer itself, well- it's a printer, so it probably came with it's own set of demons, but at least initial setup was easy and I can scan my little scribbles again.

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