Friday, February 12, 2016

Alternote for Evernote

I've been an Evernote user for many years now, and I can still remember that it was the simple interface of it's original app that really drew me to the service. Over the years, however, the official Evernote apps have grown to hog a lot more screen real estate than before, and now that my main machine is a 13" MacBook Air I really don't have the space to spare. Enter Alternote.

Evernote for Mac next to Alternote for Mac
Alternote cleans up all of that excess user interface and tucks it away nicely so you can fit more of your notes on your screen. The side-by-side comparison in the image I've posted to this article shows just how much more of your content you can view with Alternote in comparison to the native Evernote app. For me that was enough to drop the $7 on it, but be sure to check out Alternote's website for more of it's features.  It can do nearly everything the Evernote app can do, but without getting in your way. It also includes a night mode and font settings so you can control the look and feel of the app. The only thing it cannot do is permanently delete your notes. Which is only because the creators of Evernote do not allow this feature for third party developers. However, a quick log into your Evernote account and you can delete anything you like.

Alternote is available on the Mac App Store for only $6.99. If you're a big Evernote user looking for a slicker interface and a more distraction free writing experience then it's well worth the tiny investment. I know it most certainly was for me.

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